“Merging electronic soundscapes with powerhouse vocals and compelling lyricism, she makes it incredibly easy to connect with her messages and get lost in the celestial production.” BuzzMusic

Debut EP Uplifted by Camila Knight


Eclectic singer-songwriter Camila Knight combines atmospheric electronic textures with emotive vocals and empowering lyrics.

Defiant melodic pop with cinematic soundscapes and soulful beats. Inspired by a wide range of artists and bands including Radiohead, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Björk, Coldplay, she creates a musical universe of her own. A magical, ethereal world confronted with honest, daring lyrics. Her singing style resembles the esthetics of artists such as Kate Bush, AURORA, Sigrid, Adele.

Passionate about empowering others she aims to create a space for those who feel lonely, misunderstood, unsettled, and make them feel at home. She has created a substantial supportive community on Twitch, Instagram, YouTube.

Her debut EP “Uplifted” released on May 20th opens up a new chapter in her musical journey.

“Music is a shelter, it’s a paralel universe I swim in. It’s how I connect with something bigger than myself.”

 “As a child I was an introvert closed up in my own inner world and felt misunderstood most of the times. Music has taught me how to express myself better and songwriting has had a healing effect on me. I realized that it’s by making music that I can share something valuable, lasting and be of help to others.”

D E B U T  E P  ' U P L I F T E D '  A V A I L A B L E  N O W!


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B E H I N D  T H E  E P  'U P L I F T E D'

Debut EP ‘Uplifted’ marks the beginning of a new chapter. A crossover between electropop, alt pop, dance and indie pop, ‘Uplifted’ encompasses a wide rage of genres. Defiant modern pop blends in the intimate stardust arrangements with the powerful, anthemic choruses. A merge between unapologetic big pop melodies with meaningful lyrics, ‘Uplifted’ ushers in a refreshing new energy.

First track on the record, ‘Angels’ was her debut single which reached no.43 in Pop iTunes Charts and gathered a global community around her music. ‘Home’, a heart-warming love letter, was her second single and reached over 50K streams on Spotify. ‘In My Mind’ (nearly 30K streams), a contemporary pop song blended interweaving of jazz with indie-pop influences. ‘Brave’ (over 20K streams) was her latest single, defiant unapologetic modern pop song with elements of 80’s disco and funk. Groovy bassline, enticing strings and dreamy keys. It’s an empowering anthem of self-confidence, inspiring and infectious. The last track on the EP is ‘Familiar Places’ is a sublime, soft ballad that talks about letting go and healing after a break up. ‘Uplifted’ is a collection of moments of joy, melancholy, confusion, restlessness, happiness. All the tracks convey uplifting messages making the listener feel inspired, encouraged, energised and free.

Organic sound, live instruments married with the modern production elements. There are dreamy, surreal verses filled with a vivid imagery followed by heart-warming pre-choruses (‘Home’, ‘Brave’) leading up to explosive, rhythmic choruses (‘Angels’, ‘In My Mind’). Topped off by well-structured bridges that add up to rich harmonics and lead to wide last choruses (‘Brave’, ‘Familiar Places’). Bold production with catchy hooks, intimate arrangements, heartfelt vocals and emotive storytelling is Camila Knight’s landmark and signature.

“I wrote music and lyrics for ‘Home’, ‘In My Mind’ and ‘Brave’ during lockdown. It has been a very creative period for me. I wrote those songs thinking of my loved ones, my family and friends. Trying to raise their spirits and give them strength in those unsettling times. ‘Angels’ was the first song that I felt was ready to be shared with the world and it led to the creation of the ‘angelic community’. Lyrics to “Familiar Places” came to me through stories of my friends. I worked on the production and mix across the continents, between Europe, UK and Los Angeles, US. I feel blessed to have collaborated with wonderful, gifted people on this record. “Uplifted” came to life thanks to incredible, continuous support of my community.”


L A T E S T  S I N G L E  ' B R A V E '


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2 N D  S I N G L E  ' H O M E '


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                                                  U P C O M I N G  C O N C E R T S

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Introducing: Camila Knight – Home

Introducing: Camila Knight – Brave

Introducing: Camila Knight – In My Mind
Eleven presents: Camila Knight – Home

Camila Knight – Home (2021)

Camila Knight has just unveiled her debut EP ‘Uplifted’

On a écouté « Uplifted » le nouvel EP de Camila Knight