“Merging electronic soundscapes with powerhouse vocals and compelling lyricism, she makes it incredibly easy to connect with her messages and get lost in the celestial production.” BuzzMusic


Eclectic singer-songwriter Camila Knight combines atmospheric electronic textures with emotive vocals and empowering lyrics.

Defiant melodic pop with cinematic soundscapes and soulful beats. Inspired by a wide range of artists and bands including Radiohead, Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Björk, Bon Iver, Coldplay, AURORA, she creates a musical universe of her own. A magical, ethereal world confronted with honest, daring lyrics.

Passionate about empowering others she aims to create a space for those who feel lonely, misunderstood, unsettled, and make them feel at home. She has created a substantial supportive community on Twitch, Instagram, YouTube.

“Angels” was her debut single released on July 17th that reached no.43 in Pop iTunes Charts and gathered a global community around her music. “Home”, a heart-warming love letter, was her second single. “In My Mind” is her next single from an upcoming EP.

“Music is a shelter, it’s a paralel universe I swim in. It’s how I connect with something bigger than myself.”

 “As a child I was an introvert closed up in my own inner world and felt misunderstood most of the times. Music has taught me how to express myself better and songwriting has had a healing effect on me. I realized that it’s by making music that I can share something valuable, lasting and be of help to others.”

S I N G L E  ' I N  M Y  M I N D '  O U T  N O W !


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‘In My Mind’ talks about mental health, feeling overwhelmed by the circumstances, trapped in your own mind games. It’s a conversation with one’s inner critic, an encounter with a ‘shadow self’. I wrote it last year during the lockdown 1.0. I worked on the production and mix across the continents, between Atlanta, US and London, UK.

‘In My Mind’ blends the intimate arrangements with the powerful choruses. It’s a musical depiction of an emotional roller coaster ride when we allow our thoughts and fantasies to get the better of us.

The song is a blend of a few genres: Alt Pop, Singer Songwriter, Art Pop, Folk and Soul Pop. Balances the acoustic with the electronic, the folky singer-songwriter elements with unpologetic pop melody.

There’s a dreamy first verse filled with a vivid imagery followed by a rhythmic pre-chorus leading up to an explosive atmospheric chorus. Topped off by a powerful guitar solo in the bridge. Defiant pop with catchy hooks, heartfelt vocals and emotive storytelling.

S I N G L E  ' H O M E '  A V A I L A B L E   E V E R Y W H E R E


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